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Thursday, February 06, 2014

411 for week ending: February 7th, 2014

Does this Singer have some babymomma drama waiting for him? He just got a fairly good jump start for a comeback thanks to returning to the charts last year. Could accusations of being a deadbeat derail his career plans?


MyBiz said...

Tyrese? His ex wife called him a deadbeat, buy he didn't just get back to music last year, he had an album in in 2011/2012.

C B said...

LOL Tyrese, his baby mama is a trip, Tyrese seems to be a good father, he is always posting pics of his lil girl on FB

Anonymous said...

Tyrese quest sounds good. FRONT PAGE: Hot with mess!!!!
WTF!! 1)Rapper DMX fighting George Zimmerman--Trayvon's killer?? I wonder, who's getting paid the most to take the fall? Either way it does not make up for Trayvon's death. 2) Keyshia Cole owes I.R.S. money--gov. keeps
going after past or old money, must be tight all over. 3) Ice T. & Coco hosting a talk show? What are the topics? Sex, freaky sex, the business side of sex,etc.?? 4) Tameka Raymond (Usher's EX.) coming to reality TV--you know she's bringing hot mess & drama!!
5)WHY is R. Kelly still working?? I'm sure other song writers are available for J. Hudson OR she can her own songs. She does have choices at this point in her career. 6) RIP Anna Gordy Gaye.

Anonymous said...

CORRECT: #5) J. Hudson can write some of her own songs or get another song writer to work with instead of R. Kelly.