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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Week: February 15th, 2009

I told you not to marry her! These words are coming back to haunt a Singer who was warned he was marrying a crazy woman. Her recent lies almost killed her.

This Manager/Mom is trying to pull a fast one on the public. She will do anything to keep her client/son in the spotlight, including paying off hoochies to make up stories and keep him in the press.

Is she or isn’t she? This beautiful Actress is keeping her name in the press by staying close to another celebrated Actress. Are the two having an affair?!! Probably not…. but they have a lot of people interested in them and saying hmmmmmmmmmm!


Anonymous said...

1. Usher
2. Ray J
3. Not sure

Anonymous said...

Usher and Tameka Foster
Ray J
Not Sure

Anonymous said...

1. Usher's crazy wifey Tamika

2. Ray J's mom

3. Taraji & Sanaa

Anonymous said...

1. Usher, that whole situation could have turned out tragic. I hope the drama that swirls around their lives will eventually settle down for the sake of his career.

2. Not sure but I don't think it's Ray J. He has a reality show so I really don't think he needs any more publicity than that.

3. Taraji and Sanaa

Anonymous said...

1.Usher/ Tameka Foster Raymond

2. Sonya Norwood

3. Taraji P. Henson, Sanaa Lathan

PoeticJayde said...

The first on is Usher and Tameka Raymond. I don't think she was thinking rationally at the time of her decision to have the liposuction, but I hope she gets well soon.

The second is Ray J's mom, Sonja Norwood. Supposedly, Danger from "For The Love of Ray J" is three months pregnant by Ray J. She claims they slept together every night while they were taping the show.

The third, I'm not to sure on this one, but I think it may be Taraji P. Henson and Sanaa Lathan.

Anonymous said...

I doubt very seriously if anyone is that close to Usher and Tameka Raymond to know whether or not he knew she was having surgery. Although I think it was ill-advised to undergo that kind of surgery so soon after having had a child, the claims people are making about conversations between him, her and his mom sound like a bunch of made up crap.

I don't believe Mrs. Norwood would put out false, scandalous information just to keep people interested in her children. I'm sure she knew that Brandi was not married, but Brandi is responsible for making that decision, and that was not a scandalous, negative claim. I wondered why Brandi didn't just marry the guy.

Two women can't be friends without being lesbian?? Give it a rest and leave Taraji and Sanaa alone. They have each other's back, which is a lot more than you can say about many of these backstabbing vultures.

Anonymous said...

Tooooooo Easy!!!!!!!

1) Usher & Tameka
2) Ray J
3) Taraji Henson & Sanaa Lathan

Anonymous said...

1. Crazy Tamika (ushers wife)

2. Ray J, Sonya Norwood, shame on you

3. Taraji Henson and Gabrielle Union???

Anonymous said...

1. Usher
2. Ray J
3. Sanaa Lathan

Anonymous said...

Well...we already know the first two (already mentioned on patty's page, duh!) The last one i'm not so sure..

Anonymous said...

Usher's wife Tameka; Ray J and Danger; suprised to see the choices for number three...hmmmmmm....intersting...

Anonymous said...

1. I think it is sad that Usher wife feels she has to put her life at risk in order to keep him. She needs to be reminded by him the reasons he fell in love with her in the first place.

2. I really would not put anything past Sonya Norwood her children are not that talented.

3. I do not see anything wrong with two women being the best of friends and hanging out together.