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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Week: May 19th, 2008

1. This reality show contestant has lost the weight and got a new man. When she hooked up with the man, he was married. Now she realizes she may not want him after all. He’s too bossy and demanding.

2. Friends of this famous baby momma want her to stop humiliating herself over her famous baby daddy. He uses her for big events to promote a family image, but he is openly dating his young protégé, a young girl who can’t sing.

3. This Superstar couple decided to call it quits, but now they are haggling over custody of their young daughter. The dad is already sick of his ex’s games, and now he is ready to play dirty and reveal her secret love of woman. The mom is dating a hunky Hollywood Actor, but everyone knows the real deal.


Anonymous said...

come on this is too easy. The last one, not sure

1. Jordan "young girl" Sparks, the man is Sgt. Harvey E. Walden, IV. He be fine to me but now, he's not so cute. If I was his wife, he would really have to grovel.

2. Kim "stuck in stupid" Porter and Sean "P Diddy, Puff Daddy" Combs

3. not sure if I would classy whitney & bobby as superstar couple. Is Ray J considered a hunky hollywood actor. Could be?????

Anonymous said...

2. oh yeah, girl is cassie "I can't sing" but since I slept with Diddy I can make a record.

Anonymous said...

1.WOW.. its so easy and you GOT IT WRONG... hhahaha. Its not Jordin Sparks. Its the other Idol girl.

2. Kim Porter. Isnt she embarrassed to be seen with Diddy. She's really sad. She needs an intervention.

3. Hell if i know. ya'll do tell

Anonymous said...

1) Kimberly Caldwell from American Idol and Harvy Walden. She lost the weight on Celebrity fit club!
2) Kim Porter and P Diddy. He is dating Cassie, who can't sing!
3) This one I'm not sure about. Im thinking Kimora and Russell simmons, but they have 2 daughters. I know they are going thru custody battle for joint/sole custody.

Anonymous said...

1. Kimberley Locke and Harvey. Both were on Celebrity Fit Club

2. Kim Porter and Diddy and Cassie

3. I am stuck- I think whit and bobby but what has Ray-J acted in (and far from hunky)

Anonymous said...

# 3

It's Kimora Simmons and the hunk actor she is supposedly dating actor/model Djimon Hounsou. I must admit they had me for a sec...I said RJ isn't a hunk let alone an actor!

msfre1 said...

1. Kimberly locke

2. *sigh* Kim P

3. It is Kimora.. the gay scandals are coming out, russell is playing hardball.. and don't forget, there are "whispers" that only ONE of those daughters is really his.....

Anonymous said...

1. Kimberley Locke & Harvey Walden IV

2. Kim Porter

3. Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin???

Anonymous said...

1. Hmmm I thought this one was Jennifer Hudson - could be Jordan though...

2. Kim Porter of course - Cassy(ie)is P Diddy's new girl.

3. Kimora Simmons????

Anonymous said...

1. Not sure
2. Kim and P Diddy
3. Whitney and Ray J

kettajp said...

1. New York and the white guy
2. Kim Porter and Pdiddy
3. Kimora and Russell

DAJOUR said...




Anonymous said...

I think # 1 is Tocara from ANTM...She was recently on Celebrity Fit Club and lost a lot of weight...but I could be wrong..

Ene said...

The first one is not Jordin Sparks,
it is Kimberly Locke.
The second one is Kim (no pride) Porter.
The third one is Kimora and Russell Simmons.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Sparks
Kim Porter
Kimora Lee Simmons -- but it says "daughter"? Typo?

Anonymous said...

That's right, its Kim not Jordan!!!

Anonymous said...

That's right, its Kim not Jordan!!!

Anonymous said...

Number 3 is Kimora and Russell.

I don't think the word "daughter" was a typo because there was a rumour going around that Russell is not the father of one of the girls. You know Kimora and Russell had a weird marriage were they slept with different people. Guess she got pregnant with one of her flings.

They probably say joint custody of both daughters to the public just to save face.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the third is Kimora and Russ because if Russ wasn't sure I know he would have had a paternity test already. Also if Russ spills the beans about Kimora liking women then it will also get out that he likes men and I don't think he wants that to happen. Russ said himself that they will share custody, he has no problem with that.

Anonymous said...

Also it has long been rumored that Nippy (Whit) likes women. She was dealing with her publicist or whatever that chick was to her. Bobby only wants custody so he can get in Nip's pockets again. But with his track record no judge in their right mind will grant him sole custody.